Haydn Davies founded Davies Associates believing that the research, briefing, and design methodologies used in formulating new buildings for 'Big Bang' in the City of London could be employed across all sectors.

An architect with a management degree from London Business School, Haydn has some thirty years experience working with a wide variety of clients. He is passionate about the power of design in delivering business benefits.

He played a key role in developing the new Glyndebourne Opera House and the five million square foot Broadgate office development in the City of London; he has led many world-class design teams on signature developments. 

He is fascinated by the challenge of matching clients' demand with an optimal and commercially viable end product.

Haydn is an accredited Client Adviser with the Royal Institute of British Architects.  

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‘’Haydn’s methodical approach complemented his optimistic ‘can do’ attitude. His strengths are in providing succinct briefing which helped us navigate the client's complex stakeholder profile

Carol Lees Partner Hawkins\Brown Architects