Our services are geared to finding the most beneficial and viable solution. A system well proven.

Strategic Advice. A review of what is proposed, and an initial opinion on alternatives.

Often the advice is to do very little, but with significant rewards. An example is British Airways' office headquarters at Heathrow, where occupation capacity was increased from 3,500 to 5,000 people with only marginal additions to IT and catering. The saving on the divested buildings amounted to some £3m.


Demand Briefs. The right answers can only be driven by accurate information.

Whilst assumptions may need to be made on future trends, a statement of demand is invaluable. How many Classrooms? Check-in desks? Workspaces? Always good to know the demand you are designing for. Our work has almost always reduced what was first thought of as the need, and has consequently reduced capital and running costs.


Option Appraisals. Important to look at all potential options. 

Build? Move? Refurbish? Acquire? Our rigorous process, encompassing operational and financial analysis , ensures the right solution is found. Our work with a School Trust delivered an optimum solution without the acquisition and further costs first envisaged. 


Business Cases. Clear presentation of the proposal and its viability.

The case for funding approval needs to be built up throughout the whole process. Not a late dash to find business benefits to balance the costs highlighted. We have extensive experience of preparing cases, an example being the £600 million case for the reconfiguration of Gatwick Airport.


Client Representation. The client's eyes and ears throughout the process.

Ensuring that you get the best result possible, overseeing all aspects of the initiative you have embarked upon.